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Our guests know: Blonde is not just a hair color. Blonde is pure life. We present you fun in any case. So: What you see is what you get. That's how the Blond is. To delicious cocktails and drinks or coffee - there is something for everyone.

We organize your gaylife - fun all along the line.

Cocktails & more

And so that it is not so dry, we offer you at the Blond the best cocktails and other drinks until you drop. This is not to be taken literally. But the drinks are a poem in the blond, whether one of our more than 80 cocktails, wines, beers - the good Radeberger is of course there - or coffee and other non-alcoholic variations.

The best cocktails

... and in the trendy neighborhood of Berlin-Schöneberg. The cocktail mixers conjure up more than 80 cocktails à la carte. But of course, your special requests will also be fulfilled.

There's pretty much nothing about good drinks that isn't out there. Yes. Good drinks. You would have to order the standard booze somewhere else. Sorry. Whether it's Sternb... or Be... - we're not allowed to write that out or we'll get a lawsuit. In any case, we rely on originality and quality. That has its price, but it also has its special value. Our guests appreciate it. After all, nothing is worse than a heavy head the day after.

Best spirits - all original

Of course, we use the best spirits for our cocktails. We rely on our guests to appreciate the value and quality. Between Grey Goose, Hennessy XO and Remy Martin XO, everything is there to make the palate cheer. Every cocktail tastes like it does in the best hotels in the world - and the competition is fierce. The Waldorf Astoria is only a few minutes' walk away. So is the Esplanade with Harry's New York Bar and the Adlon with its Lobby Lounge. We'd have to be world-class to keep up.

The blond bartenders guarantee the best quality at the highest level. And the Blond service is proverbial.

Everything is first class at BLOND. Just like the blond guests, the boys and the girls and all the other nice people. The best thing is to try it out and spread the word.

Cocktail menu

Eve atmosphere

What could be better than sitting on the terrace in front of Blond in summer and watching the life of Berlin's traditional gay neighborhood.

Guests of Blond are a colorful, international mix of gays of all ages and their friends (we are heterofriendly). There is always an interesting conversation in there and sometimes just more...

Sundowner @ Blond

A sundowner special at sunset. The day is going - come to Blond. Sit back and take a deep breath. Choose your own lounge music in our jukebox and meet nice people before your start into the night. Get ready for another spectacular night in the gay neighborhood of Berlin. And make your plan for tomorrow.

Sweet blondes

It doesn't always have to be cake, our neighbor Kalwil does it. But coffee gossip is always popular. From 3 p.m. daily. And if it's supposed to be an alcohol-free summer cocktail, we have the best ready. AlsoIrish coffee, latte macchiato or cappuccino, it's all there.


...and other parties in the blond. Birthday, wedding - and every party something special. Always and preferably, of course, with the Kranzler girls.

Drinks, buffet, singers, show - your fun is taken care of. Use our contact form to inform yourself.

We will make you an offer.