The boys at Blond

Everyone is blond – Murat, Jamal, Tobi, Ahmet, Ilia, Rene und Tommy. And, of course, Reinhard with Dolly. You can meet the boys of the team in Berlin-Schoeneberg, at the gay bar Blond.

They will indulge you with cocktails and other drings and ensure that every evening is an event for you - so, enjoy the Blond - it's time for going out.

Daisy & Dolly

Rene Koch, Daisy, Udo Walz
Rene Koch, Daisy, Udo Walz

We remember her well. Everyone knew her - and she was blond. Daisy was always there. She was the favorite of our guests - as her with German star stylists René Koch and Udo Waltz.

Her lively successor is Dolly – she is a real mix of Jack Russell and Pudel.

Visit Dolly's website.

On our own behalf

If you like to job at the blond team (hair color does not matter) contact us.

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