gay lgbt Flirt Juke Box, karaoke and crazy parties

Flirt Juke Box, karaoke and crazy parties

You have a special music request or you want to play a song right now for you or your lover? Or your have the oppinion that your cocktail needs another background music? Nothing could be simpler! In our Music Box you find almost every song that you can imagine. Of couse thar service costs you nothing. The Gay bar Blond offers the "Firt Music Box" free of charge. You are the DJ of the night,

With the Flirt Music Box the guests can provide the right sound and hit the right tone also somewhere else.

Whether Karaoke-parties or live shows – there is always action here. Entertaining, open for everyone and international: It is easy to hook up here for a glass or two or just enjoy a delicious cocktail.

„Let me entertain you.”The barkeepers from the BLOND have adopted the Robbie-Williams' song title. In the middle of the Berlin-Schoeneberg quarter the invite every night to a very special event.