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Many good wishes accompanied us when we started the project "Blond". The most common wish, however, was to revive the old times.

The good old days, when we gathered an illustrious audience in Eisenacher Straße - and in the midst of the merry mix, we repeatedly met stray celebrities who simply wanted to relax after "Blond on Friday" or "Lindenstraße" or even after cabaret, theater, opera and dance performances. We like to think of Lotti Huber or Annemarie Wendl - the not at all grumpy Else Kling in reality.

Well, gave our best... so that the Eisenacher Street could let live again experiences. Now we moved to Motzstraße 28.

June 2023 - Queer Move to Motzstraße!

Of course, we will also ensure in Motzstraße that no one is excluded - because in the blond will live and let live again. No matter whether it is foreigners, young, old, thick, thin, boys or girls ... and do not worry: no one has to have their hair dyed blond to be there.

Just like the motto: "Aren't we all a little blonde somehow?"

Blond behind the scenes

Thomas Gabriel

Thomas Gabriel took the time in Berlin-Schöneberg between productions for the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Staatstheater Brandenburg to design the Gaybar Blond - as it stands today.

The Gaybar Blond from the inside

Here the blond shows itself in all its diversity. Completely in the zeitgeist of the 70s, completely in the style of a generation that was not stingy with colors, that developed music and music styles like never before, a time that was full of disco music and gay tea dances. Here it lives again. In the middle of the gay neighborhood of Schöneberg.

Thomas Gabriel, the creative. Thomas Gabriel, the perfectionist. No color is left to chance, every chandelier has its purpose, every mirror is well thought out. Unlike the Leipzig Opera or the Deutsche Oper Berlin - or any of the many other venues in Europe on which Gabriel has put his signature - at Blond, life plays itself out.

Not theater, but reality. And once again he has given us a total work of art of which we are all proud. Just a real Thomas Gabriel.