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Tradition exists. Even in fast Berlin. Once, the landlady of the legendary Zlata Praha in Meinekestraße founded the small restaurant "Die gute Stube". She wanted to retire, leaving her son the ever-sold-out successful restaurant. But her favorite guests did not want to give up her cooking.

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And so she was completely secretive and only for her very special guests - or should they be called friends? - in the "Die gute Stube".

Whether Telly Savalas or Helmut Kohl, whether Willy Brandt or Ludwig Erhard - they all have appreciated their cooking skills - in the favorite restaurant of Günter Pfitzmann, the Zlata Praha as well as in the "Die gute Stube". Who else could follow in their footsteps, if not Andreas Hoffmann. His motto: "No unnecessary chichi - it must taste. Otherwise it will not work.

Pfalzburger 24 - at the underground station Hohenzollernplatz. Here is Berlin. Berlin as it eats ... and drinks. Traditional cuisine in the middle of Berlin.

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