Coffee chit-chat with German "Schlager" hits Coffee chit-chat with German "Schlager" hits

Sundays at the Blond

not on public holidays or special events

 Begin: 17:00

Coffee chit-chat with German "Schlager" hits

Coffee chat and "Schlager" hits: The day after the hottest night of the week, straight to coffee and drinks at Blond. A bit of chilling, meeting people, chatting ... that will be a Sunday.

Coffee chat with "Schlager" hit kitsch?
Just the thing for Sunday.

Hot weekend? Now something very cool, sparkling blonde beer?

Or a neat Sunday cocktail?

Here you are not alone, our team and the nicest guests in the world will make sure of that.

Our guys are especially relaxed in the afternoon and as always there for you. Have fun and a nice Sunday.

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