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Whether google, gaydar, gayromeo or hornet - everything is everywhere. But Blond's only in the Blond. The famous gay bar with the hottest cocktails the capital has to offer. Between Easter meetings and Folsom, between city festival and CSD - the Blond is partying all year round. The hottest interactive jukebox in town, karaoke and BINGO parties to the brim.

Now it's here - the new homepage of the Blond. Informative as always - but now also stylish and powerful. We know you like to drop by here - but not without ulterior motives. You want to know what's going on in the Blond today. Because one thing is clear: Being there is everything. And it's really fun. Always up to date about what is happening again in the hottest gay location in Berlin's gay district in the middle of Berlin-Schöneberg. There are events daily and with guaranteed fun factor. Nothing like real life. And that rages in the Blond - the hottest cocktail bar in gay Berlin. And of course not only for gays - it might also be boring. And of course not only multicultural but multijuventud - from 18 to 80.... and from us also about it. The main thing is to have fun. Our new homepage is just right. It shows you up-to-the-minute what's going on in your favorite bar - the real and only true one. You'll have to come yourselves. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about that. Everything else is taken care of. In any case, we are making every effort.

Not to forget our actual main actors - the hottest guests of the world. That's why a little English isn't so inappropriate. But otherwise it is also possible with the proverbial hands and feet. A nice smile can work wonders. We know that. And we use it. Promised.

And if something doesn't quite work out that way, there is this homepage again. Although. I'm more into direct contact. Well, I would tell the waiter directly. But that's up to each of us. Anyway, we're glad you're here.

On as well as afterwards in the real world of the Blond.