Halloween - the night of horror trash

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Halloween - the night of horror trash


Halloween - the night of horror trash

Never enough... Visitors to the cocktail bar Blond can have fun. And so this time it was Halloween and karaoke from a single source. Everyone felt comfortable with mostly great music contributions from pop to classical music.

Karaoke at the Blond. A standard of entertainment art in Berlin´s most stylish gay bar in Schöneberg. And costumed us this time, because it was Halloween. All at once. And a lot of fun in a double pack. Despite the costumes that literally went through your mind, the cocktails tasted delicious as they have for years on the most fantastic gay entertainment corner in Eisenacher- and Fuggerstraße. Cocktails in XXL format are just as desired as the classics - a pleasure.

Everybody's in a good mood as usual. A colorful mixture of great people... as always at the Blond.

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All in fancy costumes - the crew at Blond.