Coffee chit-chat with German "Schlager" songs

Sunday at the Blond

not on public holidays or special events

 Begin: 15:00

Coffee chit-chat with German "Schlager" songs

Coffee chit-chat and cake party; After the hottest night of the week - what about a nice hang out at Blond. Chilling, meeting people, enjoying delicious cream pies ... what a great Sunday. Special guest: little Dolly ... and her fans, off course.

Tommy, Niko, Emanuel, Robin, Ilia ....Coffee chit-chat and cream pie party

The most famous German cake manufacturer supplies blond with spectacular pleasures. Pfalzgraf pies make your Sunday special. Our team and even the customers make sure that you do not have to bate the pie alone. Relaxed atmospere in the afternoon and always there for you. Have fun and have a wonderful Sunday.